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A Preview of the 2015 Health IT Marketing and PR Conference Sessions

We’re still working as fast as we can to finalize the program, sessions and speakers for the 2015 Health IT Marketing and PR Conference. Unfortunately, it was delayed a bit by some health issues, but we’re making good progress. We understand that many of you may be waiting to see some of the sessions before signing up for the conference. We’ve already added about 1/3 of the speakers profiles to the speakers page and will continue adding more as receive the speakers bios.


We also thought we’d share with you our working list of sessions titles for the conference. No doubt we’ll add a number of sessions and a few of these might drop off, but it should give you an idea of the kind of content you’ll find at the conference:

  • The 1-2 Punch of Content Strategy – Demand Generation and Lead Generation
  • From Humble to Fearless: Marketing in the Realm of The Bold
  • Loyalty Programs in Health IT are not Ficticious
  • Events: They’re all fun and games…
  • Leveraging Research to Make Your PR More Effective
  • Digging into the Health IT Landscape to Drive Content Marketing
  • Use the Government as A Resource – Working with CMS and ONC
  • Lead Scoring to Drive Drip Nurturing Campaigns and Synergies between Marketing and Sales
  • Creating the Human Connection in All Your Marketing
  • What ShoUld I Know About SEO?
  • Piercing Personas with Tools from English 101
  • The Elusive C-Suite Decision Maker in Healthcare
  • How Your Brand Extends Its Value Proposition and Vision
  • You Know Me!
  • Makin’ it Personal
  • Digital Strategies for Patient Engagement in 2015 and Beyond
  • Thought Leadership: High-Stakes Content Marketing
  • Education Marketing – Catering to the Healthcare Buyer
  • Integrating Content for Huge Sales Success
  • Guerrilla Marketing Experiences from the Health IT Field
  • Healthcare Innovation & Marketing: Bringing Health Systems to a Consumer/Retail Audience
  • Marketing Tactics You Should Try Today
  • Bizzle Fo Shizzle in the Hizzou HIT Rap Video
  • User Group Meetings: Building Loyalty, Building Brands or such
  • Securing Speaking Engagements at Industry Conferences
  • Selling and Marketing to Doctors Panel
  • Twitter Chat Panel
  • Media Panel
  • PR is Much More than Press Releases

As you can tell, it will be a packed two days of amazing content.  We also have a few more announcements planned that we haven’t quite finalized but we believe each of you will really enjoy.  If you still have more questions about the type of content to expect at the conference, drop us a line on our Contact Us page or give us a call (702.514.0201) and we’ll be happy to tell you more.


UPDATE: Someone asked to take a look at last year’s Health IT Marketing and PR Conference agenda. You can see the full agenda from last year here (Note: That link is to last year’s website). We also posted the video recordings from Day 1 and Day 2 if you’d like to check out one of last year’s sessions as well.