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Announcing Day 1 of Virtual HITMC – Part Deux

As mentioned previously, when we moved HITMC to a series of virtual events we wanted to keep the events manageable (ie. low zoom fatigue).  Plus, we wanted to ensure that each event had multiple opportunities to engage and connect with other attendees.  With that in mind, you’ll want to carve out time to attend Virtual HITMC – Part Deux live or miss out on valuable interactions with attendees.


Take a look at the agenda for Day 1 of Virtual HITMC – Part Deux and you’ll see all the points of engagement that will be available for attendees.  Let me highlight just a few of them:

  • Interactive Chat – During each session you can expect a lively chat room where attendees are connecting and engaging around the topic being presented.  Come ready with your questions, but also don’t be afraid to share your own insights and experiences.  If something has worked for you, share it in the chat.  If something hasn’t worked for you, share that too.  Remember that vulnerability is not weakness and the more vulnerable you are in the chat, the more people can help you.
  • Private Messages – If you enjoy what someone is sharing in the chat, you’ll have the opportunity to reach out to them in a private message.  Let them know that they’re appreciated and ask if you can connect with them outside of the event on LinkedIn or Twitter.  If you’re not comfortable being vulnerable in the chat yet, try a private message to someone in the community.
  • Post Session Discussion – Our post session panels are there to answer your questions and extend the conversation.  Use these times to learn from some of your peers and ask challenging questions of our panels.
  • #HITMC Hashtag – Many of you are already familiar with the lively engagement and community available to all of you on the #HITMC hashtag on Twitter.  If you’re not, go and check it out.  You’ll find great resources and supportive people.  Plus, during the event, you can be sure to find many in the community engaging, connecting, and sharing the content from the event.
  • Unconference Sessions – If you’ve never experienced one of our unconference sessions, the attendees create the agenda and the attendees provide the content and answers.  Imagine adding 10-15 people to your team.  The knowledge sharing and connections that are made at the unconference are great.  Come ready to ask the hard questions and to share what’s worked for you and what hasn’t.
  • Virtual Reality Networking After-Party – It’s the closest thing you’ll find to a virtual cocktail party out there and it all runs nicely in your web browser.  Just navigate around the virtual world, strike up a conversation with other attendees and then head to another group just like you’d do at an in person networking event.  Feel free to join audio only or turn on your video camera and have a live face to face conversation with others in the HITMC community.


Needless to say, come ready to not just listen, but engage.  We call HITMC a community and we mean it.


We’ve published the full agenda for the first day of Virtual HITMC – Part Deux happening November 5, 2020 from 12:00-3:30 PM ET.  We’ll be publishing the agenda for the other 3 days here very soon.


If you’re not already registered for the event, you can register for all 4 Virtual HITMC – Part Deux events now! If you were already a registered for HITMC20, you are automatically registered for Virtual HITMC20 – Part Deux.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us on our contact us page.  We look forward to seeing and engaging with you virtually.