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Half Day Post-Conference Workshops

My apologies for the delay on announcing the post-conference workshops. We’ve decided to offer 4 half day post-conference workshops (includes lunch) on Saturday May 9. These post-conference workshops require a separate registration of $595 and will be smaller classes which dive deep into a specific topic area.


Here are the 4 post-conference workshop options:


Your Website’s Health – SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tips, Tricks and Best Practices
Instructor: Kristine Schachinger
Today’s SEO landscape is more complicated than ever before. Getting the most out of your site means understanding the holistic and synergistic nature of everything that goes into making your website a healthy one in Google and Bing’s eyes. In this workshop you will learn from Kristine’s 14 years of experience what makes a healthy site presence and then how to maximize your website’s visibility and relevant traffic.


We will cover not just content and on-site optimization, but how does your social media affect your presence in the search engines and just what do they mean by “technical SEO”. What is link building and just how do you get in trouble with Google? If you are a bit more advanced, don’t worry we will have special tips and tricks for you too. Ones that you normally cannot find unless you attend the bar at an SEO conference and listen to those that have “been there” and “done that”. Look forward to seeing you there!
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Bridging the Gap – The Marketing/Sales Conundrum in Digital Health
Instructors: Steve Carbonara and Roger Moxely of Karma Health Partners
In this workshop, you will learn how to locate the common issues that create gaps between sales and marketing in digital health: communication issues, unclear definitions of roles and responsibilities, unclear strategic plans, unclear tactical objectives and related activities, misalignment of strategic and tactical plans, unclear reporting processes, misalignment of compensation to goals.


Steve and Roger will present a methodology that they utilize for each client of Karma Health Partners, creating an SOP to ensure that these gaps are found, fixed and that a long term strategy keeps them in alignment. The result of implementing this methodology is increased revenues and greater profitability as inefficiencies are removed from daily activities.


Each attendee will leave this workshop with actionable knowledge that can be transferred into their organization, no matter what type of product or service they offer.
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Using the Voice of the Customer to Define Your Marketing, Communication, Product Innovation Strategies
Instructor: Dr. Moshe Engelberg of ResearchWorks
Your fast-paced business reality demands you keep churning new and better products and be first to market. So with all that pressure, how do you keep customers front and center? In this lively workshop, Dr. Moshe Engelberg will show how you how to develop game-changing customer knowledge and translate it into winning marketing strategy.


1. Learn techniques for understanding and leveraging the voice of the customer as you grow your brand, develop the right technologies and tools, and market them effectively.
2. Get advice on how to do the kind of customer research that delivers measurable results that advances your mission and improve your bottom line.
3. Apply the actionable CustomerFirst Framework™ to end myopic product-centric thinking, put what customers want in front of what engineers want.
4. Strategically connect your purpose, products, and promise.
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A Deep Dive Into the World of Blogging
Instructor: John Lynn of Healthcare Scene
One of the biggest trends in marketing today revolves around content marketing. Blogging is one of the easiest ways for an organization to engage in content marketing. In this workshop, John will share the blogging lessons he’s gleaned over 10 years and 7,000 blog posts. He’ll use the 3 Facets of Blogging (Content, Marketing, Monetization) as a framework for what you learn.


Those who attend will learn what makes a successful blog and how to create the right type of content along with the right rhythm for that content. Plus, you’ll work through real life examples of how to make social media optimized blog posts and search engine optimized blog posts and what’s the difference. You’ll also learn what distractions keep your blog from being a success. Then, we’ll cover ways to market the content you create on your blog and how to maximize the impact of the content you create. Finally, we’ll talk about ways to convert your blog audience into leads for your business.
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Note: We must have at least 5 registered attendees in order for the workshop to proceed.