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Health IT Marketing and PR Conference Day 1 Videos

My first lesson learned from the conference is that video editing takes a lot of time. My sincere apologies that it took so long to get these out. Plus, I’m still working on Day 2, but I’ll get those out as soon as I can as well. Next year, I’ll be sure to outsource all of the video work to a professional who can get them published much quicker.  Also, my apologies for a few presentations which had technical issues.  Needless to say, we learned a lot we can do better when it comes to the video recording of the conference.  With that said, there’s a lot of amazing content in these videos.  We hope you enjoy!


You can download the slide decks from the HITMC presentations to follow along with the videos. Also, here’s a link to the full playlist of health IT marketing and PR videos. Be sure to subscribe to Healthcare Scene on YouTube to get updates on all our health IT videos.


A big thanks to Health Innovation Media for streaming and recording one of the tracks of the conference. I brought them in last minute and given the short time frame to get everything ready, I appreciate all their support.


Day 1 Videos of Health IT Marketing and PR Conference 2014


What Can Healthcare IT Companies Learn about Social Media Marketing from Other Industries?
Speaker: Warren Whitlock


How to Influence Ratings, Marketing Research and Analyst Firms
Speaker: Chris O’Neal


Integrating a Marketing Team and Product Line Post-Acquisition
Speaker: Julia Goebel


Paid vs Earned Media Panel
Moderator: Shahid Shah
Panelists: Marcy Fleisher, Jodi Amendola, Kate Ottavio


Preparing a Market Through Storytelling
Speaker: Sam Stern


How Can Social Media Be Leveraged for Real ROI?
Moderator: Mandi Bishop
Panelists: Jennifer Dennard, Joy DiNaro, Cari McLean, and Dr. Patricia Salber


Answering the Top 10 questions About Health IT PR
Speaker: Scott Collins


A Health IT Vendor Executive Perspective
Moderator: Shahid Shah
Panelists: Dana Sellers, Tim Tyrell-Smith, Michelle Boucher, and Sunny Tara


Potpourri: Everything We Wish We Could Have Covered
Speaker: John Lynn


Lightning Round
Using Marketing Channels with the Best ROI for Healthcare IT
Speaker: Christine Slocumb
“What If?” : Merging Marketing and Business
Speaker: Shane Pilcher and Shana Tachikawa
There is no more B2B or B2C, It’s Human2Human (H2H)
Speaker: Thomas Knoll


Using Marketing Automation Tools to Manage Your Marketing Efforts
Speaker: Chandresh Shah