Healthcare and IT
Marketing Conference

HITMC 2015 Presentations

For your reference, here are all the links to the presentations that we have from HITMC 2015. I think we might be able to post a few more, but I just didn’t have them available to me. If the speaker sends me the final version of their presentation that can be posted publicly, I’ll post it. A big thank you to all the speakers who participated in the conference.


Main Room – Day 1
Events: They’re All Fun and Games… (Stacy Goebel)


Elevate Your Brand with a Corporate Speaker’s Bureau (Don Seamons)


User Group Meetings: Building Loyalty, Building Brands or Such (Rick Weissinger, Amy Groom)


Big Ideas Small Budget: How Do You Make the Most of Your Marketing Budget with Limited Resources? (Michelle Boucher)


The Socially Engaged Corporate CMO:Effective Use of Social Media for the Busy CMO (Dr Nick)


Twitter Chat Panel (Colin Hung, Chad Johnson, Cari Mclean, Amber Glende)


Press Panel (Anthony J. Guerra, Richard Pizzi, John Lynn)


Your Website’s Health – SEO Tips, Tricks and Best Practices (Kristine Schachinger)


Main Room – Day 2
Healthcare Innovation & Marketing: Bringing Health Systems to a Consumer/Retail Audience (Lisa Maughan)


The 1-2 Punch of Content Strategy – Demand Generation and Lead Generation (Chad Johnson, Jeff Zinger)


Bustin’ Rhymes with Vertical Chimes: How a Rap Video Transitioned Mass Marketing to a Vertical Audience (Susan Biddle)


PR Firm Panel – PR is Much More than Press Releases (Elisabeth Deckon, Beth Friedman, Scott Collins, Emma Ludwin)


Breakout 1 – Day 1
Thought Leadership: High-Stakes Content Marketing (Sovita Chander)


The Elusive C-Suite DecisionMaker in Healthcare (Jennifer Russo)


“Lead Scoring” to drive Drip Nurturing campaigns and synergies between Marketing and Sales (Chandresh J Shah)


Applying Project Management Principles in Marketing (Joanna Wyganowska)


From Humble to Fearless: Marketing in the Realm of The Bold (Christine Slocumb)


Education Marketing-Catering to the Healthcare Buyer (David Rodriguez and Lindsay Peabody)


Loyalty Programs in Health IT are not Ficticious (Colin Hung)


How Your Brand Extends Its Value Proposition and Vision (Jeffrey Nemetz)


Breakout 1 – Day 2
The Value of Credible Content and How to Leverage It (Cynthia Porter and Elisa Logan)


Aligning Marketing Strategy with Sales Strategy to Produce Results with Social Selling (Shahid Shah)


Digging into the Health IT Landscape to Drive Content Marketing (Bryan Fiekers)


Breakout 2 – Day 1
Digital Strategies for Patient Engagement in 2015 and Beyond (Jared Johnson)


How to Uncover your Brand Truth in 60 Minutes (Mark Shipley and David Vener)


Makin’ it Personal (Nicole Reither and Retta Byron)


Breakout 2 – Day 2
Piercing Personas with Tools from English 101 (Stephen Outten)


Marketing Tactics You Should Try Today (Cheryl Pederzoli)


Your Next Product Launch: How To Knock It Out Of The Park! (Dr. Moshe Engelberg)


The Velocity of Trust:Learn This Simple Formula Behind Building Real Relationships with Automated Marketing (Scott Ferguson)