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HITMC Awards Nomination Details

A big thanks to everyone for the great response we’ve already received for the first HITMC (Health IT Marketing and PR Community) Awards. We’ve gotten a number of great nominations already. Plus, thanks to everyone who tweeted and shared the HITMC awards on social media. There’s still time to submit your nominations.


Someone recently asked us for the list of questions that need to be answered for each award so they could prepare the answers before going to submit the nomination. With that in mind, here’s the list of questions you’ll need to nominate a marketing or PR campaign or person for the various HITMC awards:


These 3 fields are required for each entry and then based on the HITMC Award Category you’ll get one more set of questions:
Nominator’s Full Name:
Nominator’s Email:
HITMC Award Category:


Best Trade Show Theme or Campaign/Best Content Marketing Program/Best Social Media Program/Best Creative
Name of Company or Organization Being Promoted:
People Behind the Campaign/Program/Creative (Please include the email for the main person):
Describe in Detail the Campaign/Program/Creative (Please include links to work where appropriate):
Why Should This Win an HITMC Award?
Other Comments:


Agency or Marketing Department of the Year
Name of Agency or Marketing Department Being Nominated:
Email for Person at Agency or Department Being Nominated:
Describe the Work this Agency or Marketing Department has Done:
Why Should They Win this HITMC Award?
Other Comments:


Marketing or PR Professional of the Year (an individual)
Name of Marketing or PR Professional Being Nominated:
Email of Marketing or PR Professional Being Nominated:
Describe the Work of this HITMC Pro:
Why Should They Win This HITMC Award?
Other Comments:


Of course, if this doesn’t make sense, then go and check out the nomination form. Nothing will really be submitted on the form until you get to the end. If you still have questions, we’re happy to answer them on our contact us page.