Healthcare and IT
Marketing Conference

Hospital Marketing, PR, and Social Media at HITMC

In the second year of the Healthcare IT Marketing and PR Conference (HITMC), we’ve been working hard to expand the content we provide attendees to the conference. While we’ve always made a deliberate focus on healthcare B2B marketing (and will continue to do so), we also saw a lot of overlap with other areas of healthcare such as hospital marketing, medical device marketing, pharma marketing, and more.


While we’re still generally staying away from pharma marketing, this year’s conference will include a number of sessions focused specifically on the challenges of hospital marketing and medical device marketing. We’ll highlight some of the med device marketing sessions in a future post. In this post I thought I’d highlight some of the hospital marketing and PR focused sessions we’ll be having at HITMC 2015.


Makin’ It Personal
Speakers: Nicole Reither and Retta Byron
As the trend toward consumer choice in healthcare explodes, the importance of creating an engaging and meaningful content marketing strategy is no longer optional. The ability to adapt to the influx of accessible information on the web, mobile and social media and the change in way consumers purchase and choose product is critical to the success of your organization. How can digital tools, such as a healthcare blogs assist in brand building and creating brand advocates?


Join this workshop to learn effective and measurable blog content marketing strategies in the healthcare industry and how Banner Health is transforming the way health information is delivered to consumers.


Digital Strategies for Patient Engagement in 2015 and Beyond
Speaker: Jared Johnson
Consumers have more choices than ever for their care, but there are still large gaps in patient engagement. At least 68% of patients do not know the name of the physician in charge of their care. At least 43% of patients do not know the reason for their hospital admission.


In this interactive session, Jared will discuss three significant emerging trends in patient engagement: (1) the advancement of consumerism, (2) the impact of regulations on value-based care, and (3) new care models and partners entering the space. See real-world case studies of digital marketing tools and strategies that are helping organizations seize new opportunities to differentiate themselves. Gain practical tips on how IT, Marketing and PR can work together to drive innovation in patient care.


How to Uncover your Brand Truth in 60 Minutes
Speakers: Mark Shipley and Dave Vener
The healthcare industry has become more competitive than ever, and healthcare organizations need to differentiate themselves with a strong and consistent brand to attract the new healthcare consumer. It’s never been more important for healthcare leaders to understand the positioning and branding process.


In this presentation, Mark Shipley, author of In Search of Good Medicine will take attendees through his tried-and-true process for brand development and competitive positioning developed over 25 years for hospitals and healthcare organizations. Rather than droning on through case studies, Shipley and his team will rely on the luck of the draw and audience participation to rebrand a fictional healthcare organization including brand insights, a positioning statement and brand pillars in a lively, real time brainstorming session.


Of course, along with these sessions that cater to the hospital marketing and PR crowd, we also have a wide variety of topics which apply across the wide spectrum of healthcare marketing. For example, here are some of the sessions that are valuable to hospital marketing and PR professionals:

      *Creating Customer Personas
      *High Stakes Content Marketing
      *Guerrilla Marketing
      *Demand Generation
      *Lead Generation
      *Twitter Chats
      *Trends in PR
      *Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
      *Marketing Automation


Along with providing some hospital marketing focused sessions at this year’s conference, I’m excited for the cross pollination that will occur between hospital marketing and PR processionals and the healthcare IT marketing and PR professionals. We can learn a lot from each other since we both have a view of healthcare, but often approach things from a different perspective. This is something we absolutely encourage at HITMC.


I look forward to meeting many of the hospital marketing and PR professionals at this year’s event. If you haven’t registered already, there’s still time.