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Periscope And Blab For Health Care IT Marketing & Public Relations – #HITMC Twitter Chat Topics

Note: We’ll be hosting #HITMC Twitter chats monthly on the first Tuesday of every month. So, be sure to put it on your calendar.


We’re excited to share with you the 5 topics we’ll be discussing at our next Healthcare IT Marketing and PR Community (HITMC) Twitter chat. The chat will be held on Tuesday, November 3rd at Noon ET (9 AM PT). To participate, follow the #HITMC Twitter stream on your favorite Twitter tool and add #HITMC to all of your tweets.


This chat will focus on “Periscope And Blab For Health Care IT Marketing & Public Relations” and is hosted by Charles Webster, @wareflo on Twitter, but best known as the workflow king and the biggest advocate for Periscope and Blab in healthcare. Along with creating the questions below, Charles Webster also created a blog post overview of this month’s topic and will be co-hosting a post chat blab with us.


Now for the 5 topics we’ll be discussing:
1. Which of the 5 listed uses of Periscope (see lend themselves to HIT marketing & PR?


2. What about Blab? Story-telling? Exclusive deals? (Like QVC) Other creative engagement initiatives?


3. How could your organization stay ahead of a crisis narrative thru use or Periscope or Blab?


4. Can Periscope be an effective way to demo products or new product features? Why?


5. Imagine using Blab to interview happy users setting in front of their software. What could go wrong? How to avoid?


Bonus: What was your take on Blab and Periscope pre and post #HITMC Chat?


Please be sure to join us on Blab after the #HITMC chat where we’ll have a live in person discussion about the #HITMC chat and it’s a great chance for those who haven’t been on blab before to try it out.


We hope you’ll be able to join us for the Health IT Marketing and PR community chat. We’re planning on doing the #HITMC Twitter chat monthly on the first Tuesday of each month:
December 1, 2015
January 5, 2016

We’ll also try and embed the blab below: