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What Medical Device Manufacturers Will Learn About Generating Real Sales And Brand Loyalty With Digital Marketing And Social Selling At HITMC

Marketing medical devices across disparate customers and selling into complex health systems has never been more difficult. Identifying the actual buyers of your products and services is a challenge these days because:

  • The move from fee to service to outcomes driven has more institutions collaborating for value-based reimbursement, making it more difficult to identify who’s making purchasing decisions in the collaboration.
  • Health systems mergers and acquisitions are growing, making it challenge to know both who’s running the procurement process and when decisions will be made.
  • Care coordination and patient engagement quality metrics have purchasers scrambling for more connected devices and integrated sales offerings.
  • Changing business, technology and regulatory landscape is redefining the roles of end user, influencer, the beneficiary and the buyer personas in the healthcare ecosystem

It’s clear that traditional top down marketing or just trying to sell to the end user will not be effective. Instead, digital marketing techniques must be employed so that buyers can find you instead of you having to hunt for buyers. Join us at the 2nd Annual Healthcare IT Marketing & PR Conference where you’re going to learn how to:

  • Use e-mail, social media, and content marketing to better understand procurement roles that will connect you with actual buyers and influencers.
  • Understand how digital marketing and social selling techniques generate demand and leads for your complex clinical enterprise devices.
  • Discover partnering approaches that will help increase your device’s value to customers demanding more coordinated and complex care for their patients.
  • Leverage digital marketing to validate market demand,  solution hypothesis and business model  throughout your product lifecycle using simple comparative market analysis and direct communications
  • Understand approaches to identify and test market to the appropriate personas, enabling customized value propositions for each market channel to get fastest and most effective sales impact
  • Learn how you can run many marketing campaigns simultaneously across multiple market channels and personas, then use metrics for real-time campaign modulation, thus achieving higher ROI and business impact.
  • Re-organize your branding to build customer loyalty through value added knowledge sharing and ideation that helps solve real customer issues, developing trust and creating strong referral and repeat business

We have specific panels, workshops, and sessions that will teach you:

  • How to get buy-in from senior management for medical device content marketing and social selling approaches.
  • How to create relevant messaging for your myriad of customers in ways that will encourage them to reach out to you on their own.
  • How to use audio, video, webinars, and other non-traditional advertising techniques to supercharge your device marketing.
  • How to use relationships that emerge from daily engagement with buyers and help generate demand through e-mail and social channels.
  • How to use marketing automation tools to find not only buyers and procurement professionals but alliance partners to help increase the value of the total sale.
  • How to integrate non-digital strategies with your digital strategies – knowing when to pay for media versus use earned media.
  • How to engage and help influencers that can promote your medical device across multiple channels.
  • How to create a mobile app strategy that will demonstrate the value of your devices as well as teach them how to use it in practice.
  • How to differentiate by building brand loyalty and brand recall in a crowded marketplace
  • How to define focused messages about customer needs or issues your medical device helps solve, instead of focusing on product specifications only

We’re excited to welcome medical device marketing teams to the 2nd annual Health IT Marketing and PR conference. As you can see, there will be a lot of opportunities for you to learn and grow. Registration is still open, but will be closing soon. So, if you haven’t already, now’s the time to get registered.