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Why HITMC Matters to StudioNorth

StudioNorth isn’t a big agency, but we have a big event travel budget. Throughout the year, our team members can be seen working booths and prowling the floor at some of the world’s biggest tradeshows: HIMSS, NRF, NAB, CiscoLive, VMWorld and more.


HITMC may be a fraction the size of those others, but it will always be a giant red circle on our calendar. Why?


It’s simple. Our agency credo is “Make it Matter,” and we believe healthcare IT is an industry that matters more and more—both in overall impact and the number of people impacted—every year. What could be more important, more challenging and more fun than marketing to the multiple audiences who consume healthcare IT?


What matters to the three healthcare IT audiences?


One of the challenges of marketing to the healthcare IT audience is that there isn’t one audience. There are three:


  • Administrators worry about cybersecurity, technology ROI and the myriad large and small details of keeping a business running. Deeper than all that, though, runs their drive to continually improve patient experience.
  • Practitioners simply don’t have enough hours in the day. They have to keep up with new technology while working non-stop to build relationships with their patients. Good luck even getting their attention.
  • Patients, of course, are mostly concerned with their own health. They demand more from their relationships across the healthcare ecosystem, with options for care they didn’t have even a few years ago—options that can be confusing and empowering at the same time.

Each of these audiences is so complex and dynamic that standard marketing persona models can’t even begin to describe them. The only way to truly reach them? Perfectly timed messages that truly matter, at the moment they most need to hear them.


Moments that matter


The standard, static marketing persona doesn’t account for the volatile, unpredictable forces that change a decision-maker’s needs from day to day, or even minute to minute.


Every purchase is ultimately an emotional one, and no customer’s emotions are set in stone.


For instance, you can create a detailed persona for “IT manager of a senior living facility,” but is the real person the same person from one moment to the next? Not when she’s dealing with a cloud interruption this morning, meeting with her CEO over lunch and helping train a new nurse’s assistant this afternoon.


Reaching her means understanding what she faces every day, identifying her critical moments of truth and creating messages for each critical moment. When it comes time for her to give input into tech buying, those deep, emotional interactions exert a powerful influence over her decisions.


How do we discover and target these “moments that matter?” Well, that’s where the fun begins.


Emotional engagement masters the moment


We’d need a white paper or a full-blown book to cover all the ways we research, target, create and deliver messages that reach healthcare IT audiences at their moments that matter. Our methods include all the conventional tools and tactics, and you’re probably every bit as adept at them as we are.


But this year at HITMC, we’ll showcase two of the less conventional—and staggeringly effective—ways we connect with healthcare IT audiences:


  • Live social video. My “Lessons in Live Video” session will discuss the impressive engagement we’ve generated with the launch of a client’s Facebook live video show, along with a few “learning experiences” that happened along the way.
  • Event gamification. We’ve tripled or even quadrupled engagement for our clients’ trade show booths with customized, interactive games. At HITMC, you can experience the fun yourself by playing our digital GameBuzz platform at the StudioNorth table with Events Experience Director Debbie Knighton.


Both these approaches generate the emotional engagement that helps our clients’ messages stand out in the avalanche of messages that overwhelm healthcare IT audiences every day. When critical moments arise, that emotional connection matters more than ever.


We can’t wait to share these ideas—and many more—with everyone at HITMC 2018. Come visit us, or schedule a meeting!


No event on our calendar matters more than HITMC.


About the Author

Stacy Goebel, Director of Social Marketing, StudioNorth


Stacy has the best job in the world – having ideas for a living! As Social Marketing Director for StudioNorth, she helps clients design & implement memorable social media programs that integrate into omni-channel marketing experiences. With innovative approaches and genuine creativity, Stacy and her team deliver measurable results that help clients reach and engage customers in their target markets.


She has been a part of the HITMC community from the beginning and has been a speaker every year. Some memorable sessions include: Using Humor in Healthcare Marketing, Events! They’re All Fun & Games, and How to Live Your Life Like the Best Story Ever. She loves to welcome new people into the HITMC family. If you’re new this year, please say hi!