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At HIMSS 2015, we were lucky to hold a really amazing Social Media and Influencer Meetup at the HIMSS spot. If you were watching the #HITMC hashtag, then you probably saw a lot of the tweets. It was a great event with so many great people from the healthcare IT marketing and PR community.


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At the conference, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from HIMSS Analytics’ Director of Advisory Solutions, Bryan Fiekers, talk about “Digging into the Health IT Landscape to Drive Content Marketing.” Check out the full Healthcare IT Marketing and PR Conference program.


In case you missed some of the tweets from the HITMC Meetup at HIMSS 2015, here are a few interesting ones:


No one really wants a product, they want to solve a problem so talk to them about the solution #HIMSS15 -@techguy #hitmc #HIMSS15


.@techguy Ride the coat tails of other influencers to grow your own. We all grow together. Sounds friendly & effective! #HIMSS15 #HITMC


Be worth following. Be human. People want to follow humans. – @techguy #HITMC #HIMSS15


Curatuion is a great service and way to contribute to online conversation – @Brad_Justus #HITMC #HIMSS15


Drive your message and story through your influencers and thought leaders. #HITmc #HIMSS15 #socialmedia


@MandiBPro “Organic social media engagement was life changing.” Now that’s something. #IKnewYouWhen #HIMSS15 #HITMC


Caring and passion actually translate into social media. You can tell when people are being genuine – @techguy #HIMSS15 #HITMC


Try to be 80% useful and 20% promotional w/ #socialmedia. Value in recognizing others. (Engenders trust.) – @stacygoebel #HITMC #HIMSS15


“Hi, how are you?” “Fine, how are you?”…awkward silence as person tunes out & walks away. Don’t do IRL. Don’t do in #SoMe #HITMC #HIMSS15


A big thank you to HIMSS for providing such a great venue for this discussion!