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Aaron Glauser
Senior Director of Product Marketing

Aaron joined AdvancedMD in 2008 where he vigorously actions the needs of medical practice owners, physicians and staff with insightful educational materials to help the ambulatory healthcare community better understand industry trends and how to apply technology as a strategic and competitive advantage. Aaron has published content related to practice financial growth and sustainability, clinical and operational workflow efficiency, and attracting and retaining patients. He leverages his content across paid search and database nurturing to generate lead volumes sufficient to satisfy the demands of 150+ hungry inside sales reps.


Aaron has 20 years’ experience in healthcare marketing with a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Utah. He attended Seattle Pacific University, where he received his Master of Business Administration and developed an unfortunate addiction to flyfishing for steelhead and salmon. To retain his Seattle ties, Aaron typically dons short-sleeve plaid shirts, shorts and Chacos with socks (but socks only when it snows). Unlike other Seattleites, Aaron does not drink coffee. Aaron lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife and five totally delightful and amazing kids (ages 1-12).