Healthcare and IT
Marketing Conference


Alaina Lamphear
Strategic Marketing Consultant

Alaina’s mantra is marketing doesn’t need to be hard, it just needs to be real and relatable. Sure, she’s a big-picture thinker with over a decade of experience in sales and marketing for different facets of the Healthcare IT industry. Ultimately, this is what she’s really after: she wants to speak your language; she wants to create a brand your clients can relate to; and the more complex the industry and decision-making unit, the more she wants to tackle it. Healthcare IT is her passion. Helping HIT companies deliver healthcare solutions to change the state of the industry, one tech solution at a time.


By day, she’s a seasoned marketer, healthcare IT junkie and public speaker. But by night she’s a live music lover, Kansas City sports fanatic, world-traveler, co-parent, dance-party initiator and indulgent reality TV watcher. Her partner says, “I spend most of my time around her just trying to be smarter.” Alaina is a dreamer who works hard to bring dreams to life.