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Brian Eastwood
Content Strategist

Brian Eastwood is a Boston-based content strategist at ReviveHealth. His background in journalism, editing, research, and analysis contributes to agency’s mission to influence content strategy, execution, and administration for a range of clients.


Before joining ReviveHealth, Brian was an analyst at Chilmark Research, focusing primarily on the growing market for patient engagement technology and improving the patient experience. Based on this expertise and his steady Twitter presence, he was named one of 20 Social Media Ambassadors at HIMSS18 and HIMSS19.


In prior roles, Brian was a journalist for several healthcare, healthcare IT, and enterprise IT publications. He began his career as a local newspaper reporter in the Boston suburbs, often covering town meetings long into the night.


Brian’s writing portfolio includes breaking news, commentary, news analysis, thought leadership, and in-depth research. He also wrote a 160-page graduate thesis on the early history of the European Union that is an excellent insomnia cure. Additional content experience includes webinars, podcasts, on-camera interviews, conference presentations, and panel moderation.


Outside of work, Brian can often be found training for a marathon, hiking in the White Mountains, or (on the rare day that he isn’t moving) reading a good history book.