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Bryan Cohen
Digital Platform Lead

Bryan Cohen is currently the Digital Platform Lead for North America Pharma at Pfizer Inc, leading the charge to modernize platforms and strategies for pharma digital marketing. Bryan joined Pfizer in Oct 2012. Previously, he worked for GlaxoSmithKline as a Manager, Digital Marketing and Media and for Deloitte as a Senior Manager, Knowledge Management. Bryan’s background is in Graphic Design and Content/Digital Asset Management, and he cut his teeth as a Director of Publishing Technology for McGraw-Hill and as an Art Director for the Wall Street Journal, where he led the development of a global content management system.


Bryan was a former Public Affairs Officer for the US Air Force and has bachelor degrees in Graphic Design, Business Administration, and Liberal Arts and a Master’s Degree in Graphic Information Technology from Arizona State University. In his spare time he is a frustrated chef and struggles with learning the proper technique for a bowline knot.