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Burt Rosen
Chief Revenue Officer

As Chief Revenue Officer, Burt is responsible for all Marketing, the Enrollment Experience, Forecasting, Program Development Strategy as well as Data and Analytics for Empowered Education.


Burt is beyond passionate about the role that Empowered Education currently plays and could play in the world and in health care. With extensive marketing experience in the health care (HealthSparq), education (KinderCare) and hospitality (Starwood Hotels) industries, he has a strong focus on what people need and helping companies to better meet those needs. Helping people to become the best versions of themselves is Burt’s passion!


All of his experiences have had a strong focus on storytelling, brand development, and using the brand to acquire more customers (whether they are the weary business traveler, parents and kids, or health plan members). He has led all facets of Marketing and Sales including performance and digital marketing, traditional marketing, PR, brand development, social media, internal communications, etc.


Burt understands the role that health coaches and nutrition can play in rebuilding a very broken health care system and is passionate about the role that individuals can play in helping themselves and others. Burt is a big fan of democratizing health care and is excited about how Empowered Education contributes to that goal.


On a personal note, Burt is a huge family guy and loves his family. He has two kids in college and a wife who is as excited about his working at EE as he is! He also loves hiking, mountain climbing, squash, living healthy, and the Pacific Northwest.