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Claire Pfarr
Marketing Manager

Claire has spent the entirety of her career in the healthcare space, focusing on several aspects of communications. She holds a bachelor’s degree in music education as an oboe player and a master’s degree in professional writing. After a number of years in bids and proposals at multiple healthcare organizations, she broadened her market savvy and became the marketing leader at Oneview Healthcare, a patient experience technology company, where she has increased marketing’s impact on the sales pipeline by 138%.


In her current role there, she is responsible for all aspects of marketing, including website, social media, print materials, public relations, digital content strategy, branding, trade shows and events, and general campaigns. Her diverse background and varied interests have given her a unique lens in marketing, and the ability to create marketers’ greatest pursuit – frequent, quality content.


Claire believes good marketing employs a mix of skills she has amassed – communicating, teaching, and a touch of performance. Her marketing mantra (and life philosophy) is: Smart and fun aren’t mutually exclusive. She is unapologetically both.