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Cristina Stahr
Marketing Operations and Strategy Leader
Cristina Stahr is the Marketing Operations and Strategy Leader at ProviderTrust, a healthcare data and technology company on a mission to create a smarter and safer healthcare for everyone. As the Marketing Ops & Strategy leader, Cristina manages the “behind-the-scenes” ops and automation that makes marketing happen. Her priority is making sure that her team is able to optimize content pieces and placement, build successful lead and customer nurturing automated journeys, and ensure that across all segments, people are receiving the right message at the right time. Cristina has worked in health IT throughout her entire career and is a 2nd time HITMC speaker and 5th time HITMC attendee! When not working (and there’s not a pandemic), she enjoys spending time with her two dogs, Corbin and Eli, and her husband, Ryan, in that order! She also enjoys exploring her hometown of Nashville, TN, and traveling all over the country to visit her friends and family.