Healthcare and IT
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Dietke Fowler
Director Of Operations

Throughout her 13-year career in B2B Software Marketing, Dietke has harbored one regret: not contributing to the field of healthcare. This changed in 2018 when she joined Redox to help make healthcare data useful.


On a day-to-day basis, Dietke contributes to making Redox more efficient at reaching its goals. She asks tough questions about muda (aka wasted resources or effort), brings people from different teams together for more effective collaboration, and keeps teams focused on reducing work-in-progress (WIP) and delivering value quickly.


Before Redox, Dietke worked at VersionOne and LeanKit, two providers of collaborative Agile and Lean work organization tools. During her tenure, she has focused on understanding and applying Agile and Lean methodologies to marketing teams. She also studied Big Data and Data Analytics at Emory University’s CEC program in 2016 and has since focused on combining cutting edge data principles with Lean ideas such as increasing the speed of value delivery from Marketing leads.