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Janae Sharp

Janae Sharp first starting using social media for her own etsy business.  It taught her skills about using online tools to build a personal brand and drive revenue, as well as the importance of community. This experience taught her that social media and digital tools can drive better connection, help improve lives, and drive revenue.


Janae then used these skills and experience to transition into healthcare where Janae was promoted three times within two years. She also worked as a top performer in saves and sales before leaving her first healthcare company to work as a consultant.


She is a healthcare IT marketing consultant and the founder of the Sharp Index. She works with data companies building healthcare IT products to improve access to care for the underserved and meet the quadruple aim through better access to patient data at the point of care. Using social media to bridge the gaps of distance and access to care allows her to build common interest collaboratives and she leads charity community organization and social media strategy.


Janae believes social media and messaging can improve healthcare outcomes and allow connection and support. Her current mission is to help reduce physician burnout and suicide in the memory of her late ex husband, John Madsen with the and The passion for learning and alleviating suffering through collaboration drives everything she does.


Janae enjoys running, triathlon, writing, hiking, quilting and projects.