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Jeff Walker
Founder and CEO

Jeff Walker is Founder and CEO of Content Carnivores, LLC, a software platform dedicated to the discovery, creation and distribution of highest quality online content. He grew up as a writer, and continues to write in a variety of mediums. On the marketing side, he was VP Writer/Creative Director at Leo Burnett. In the entertainment world, he was a staff writer in Hollywood on an Emmy-Winning TV series, and has also written and produced independent films. He has extensive print and online journalism credits, including serving as Editor on a book by the PGA Teacher of the Year. He is most excited about the confluence of journalism and technology, and draws on his experience as VP Director of Product and Content Development at to create writer-friendly technology. If it takes one to know one, Jeff will be glad to share his strategies for finding and working with writing talent, and his experiences on behalf of his health care customers. He lives in Chicago with offices at the infamous 1871 tech incubator in the Merchandise Mart.