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Jessica Vicars
Chief Marketing Officer and Strategist

Jessica Vicars is an experienced product management, marketing, and strategy leader who has spent her career in healthcare technology. She has lead teams through successful design, development and launch of multiple solutions at companies including McKesson, GHX, and Sharecare. Jessica is passionate about leveraging market intelligence as the foundation for successful business plans, product and marketing strategy and sales execution.


At GHX, Jessica served as Director, Product Management, leading product strategy and development for the contracting portfolio. Most recently, at Sharecare, Jessica was Director of Market Strategy, leading the launch of new solutions in the patient engagement space. As Chief Marketing Officer and Strategist at Porter Research, Jessica leads the strategy side of the business. She works with clients to achieve revenue and growth targets by effectively using market research to shape product, marketing and sales strategy. She also leads marketing for Porter Research, launching new campaigns and initiatives to support their growth strategies.