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Jill Rose

Jill Rose has been involved with B2B publishing for more than 20 years. Her experience ranges from association magazines and how-to newsletters to launching a highly acclaimed desktop publishing design magazine and running the editorial department of a fast-growing business publisher.


Currently, Jill is a principal at Landscape Creative, which provides B2B content to corporations and agencies. Prior to that, Jill was the editor-in-chief at RedCoat Publishing, overseeing American Executive (leadership, finance, and best practices for C-level executives in mid-sized companies), Inside Healthcare (topics of interest to hospital CEOs), Energy Today (topics of interest to senior utility and oil & gas executives), and Education Executive (for heads of universities, community colleges, and school districts). 


Before RedCoat, Jill was editor-in-chief of The Manufacturer, managing editor at Cutter Consortium, editor of the Netweek section of PC Week, editor of IDG’s Microsoft Publisher for Dummies newsletter, editor-in-chief of Technique Magazine, and managing editor of NADTP Journal.


Jill holds a BA in Communications from Emerson College. She has won numerous awards for writing, including one gold and two silver Eddie awards from Folio Magazine in 2009.