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Lydia King
Data Analyst

Lydia King is a Data Analyst and Digital Marketer with a passion for creating a data literate and data-driven environment wherever she goes. With a background in statistics and economics, Lydia has always been focused on how she can use data to better the organizations and industries that she works in.


In her role at CareDash, a Boston based start-up focused on building trust and transparency through data in the healthcare industry, Lydia has taken the lead on a range of strategic initiatives spanning the entire organization. As she likes to say, she is “a data analyst by day and a marketer by night!” Lydia uses Python, SQL and other programming tools to achieve CareDash’s goals in SEO, landing page testing, patient experience, and healthcare literacy. In Lydia’s time at CareDash, they have grown to help over 2 million patients a month find a doctor and become an industry leader in hospital reviews.


Outside of work, Lydia sits on the board of the International Association of Data Quality, Governance and Analytics, an organization devoted to data literacy in the supply chain sector. She is also an avid photographer, painter, and proud cat mom.