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Lynn Reves
Director – Results Division

Lynn Reves spearheads the Results Division at Exhibitus, an Atlanta-based experiential marketer.  Her team delivers services focused on measurement, justification and continuous improvement to help clients maximize program investment and demonstrate value to corporate success.


Guiding clients through the objectives planning process to identify meaningful metrics proving value, the Results Division helps event and communications managers get the credit they deserve for profitable programs.


With 25 years of face-to-face marketing experience, Lynn has trained sales, marketing, design and service representatives, conducting multiple training sessions each year.  She has been a featured speaker at events across the US and Europe on topics ranging from the four areas of value for face-to-face programs to incorporating Millennials into trade show strategy to the importance of developing a common design language with clients.


Her most recent speaking engagements focused on smart design strategies and demonstrating value for investment for programs at EXHIBITORLIVE.