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Michael Roberts
Marketing Director

Michael Roberts is the Marketing Director for Health Connective, a web development company providing custom marketing solutions for Medtech and Pharma. Along with co-hosts Scott Zeitzer and Jared Johnson, Michael interviews guests on the Paradigm Shift of Healthcare podcast about the ways that healthcare’s changes impact stakeholders in health systems, technology companies, and the patient population.

Michael started his digital marketing career on the SEO side of things in the hospitality industry before gravitating to healthcare marketing. As a part of the Mudbug Media team, he now gets the opportunity to work with medtech companies and medical practices.

As the father of a child with a chronic condition, Michael gets the chance to experience healthcare in a personal manner, as well. His family’s ongoing challenges and victories in managing disease and in interacting with the healthcare system help solidify his desires to make navigating healthcare information a more straightforward process.