Healthcare and IT
Marketing Conference


Mike Schneider
Executive Vice President

Mike is Executive Vice President and a founding partner of Greystone.Net, an Atlanta-based
healthcare web, digital and access strategy/solutions company. He has helped more than 100
healthcare organizations develop internet, digital and intranet strategic plans. Mike frequently
works with hospital and health system clients who are seeking an objective review of
technology vendors and assistance in making an optimal selection decision for their
organizations. With over two decades of experience in the healthcare industry, Mike assumes a
major advisory role with clients in managing and facilitating their marketing and digitally-related
planning process.


Before joining Greystone.Net, Mike was the Director of Database Management and Research
for Emory University Health Care System in Atlanta. He also had marketing and planning
positions for the National Office of the American Cancer Society (ACS) in Atlanta and St. Vincent
Medical Center in Toledo, Ohio. Mike’s leadership in strategic consulting has helped to build
Greystone.Net’s pre-eminence in this specialized field.


Mike is a graduate of North Carolina State.