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Scott Ferguson
Chairman & CEO

Once upon a time, in a medical community not so far away, there was a doctor switching to EHR… And so the story began for Scott Ferguson and his adventure in problem solving and marketing for the HIT industry.


Scott has been involved in online product development and Internet marketing since 1995 for clients including Time Warner, Marriott, Mtv and a host of other international brands.


Enlisted by a doctor-friend in 2005 struggling to retire his chart room in order to finish his EHR conversion, Scott and his company developed a medical records conversion technology called ChartCapture.


Today, it has evolved into the nation’s most popular solution for archiving and accessing legacy medical records – storing over 300 million pages of medical records in the cloud and growing by 5.6 million pages per month.


Scott currently serves as Chairman & CEO of DDP, LLC and it’s subsidiaries: ChartCapture, InfluenceMD, and


Prior to founding his current enterprise, Mr. Ferguson built a digital media production company, which he sold in 2001. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Auburn University.