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Tom Etling
Partner, Strategy & Innovation

Entrepreneurial with a strong spirit for social responsibility, Tom Etling has strategically led initiatives of all sizes, achieving resounding results. He believes that addressing social issues and supporting efforts of sustainability are critical to a organization’s success, for building trust and engaging both employees and consumers as advocates. Tom is the former Chief Executive Officer of St. Patrick Center, one of the most respected social innovation organizations in the United States.  


Tom works as Partner of Strategy and Innovation for Dovetail, a brand communications agency that helps companies and organization around the world build stronger, more profitable and responsible brands. Tom leads Dovetail’s Corporate Social Responsibility practice.  Dovetail’s specialty areas include health care, higher education, destination and financial services. 


In 2015, Tom was selected as one of nine Eisenhower Fellows in the United States and travelled to Northern Ireland and Spain to share best practices and learn about innovative public-private partnerships that led to the transformations of various regions of those countries.