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Vishal Gandhi
Founder and CEO

Vishal is a well-known and widely respected authority on the “nitty-gritty” of medical practice workflow and technology. His Hybrid Workflow Model is quickly becoming a new healthcare industry standard model for combining human and computer workflow, to maximize revenue and minimize cost. Most recently, Vishal has appeared in prominent health IT publications, authoring articles with such titles as:


*Getting Money in the Door: Streamlining Patient Collections

*Automated Billing: Increase Time with Patients, Practice Profitability

*The Eligibility Verification Time Suck

*How Does a Practice Deal with All These High Deductible Plans?

*Building Accountability and Consistency Into Your Healthcare Practice

*Outsourcing Selected Back-Office Tasks at Physician Practices


Vishal recently co-founded Healthcare Creative, to offer many of the video animation, infographic, and Twitter curation services he uses for his own company to others in the HITMC community.